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Start to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Hello Everyone,

This is Shailna Patidar writing on

Before you wonder what this website is about, let me tell you that this is not just a website but a stop where you will find the practical ways and latest studies to rectify and optimize your way of living.

We have got one life. Why not live it in ‘THE BEST’ manner.

I know you have read several quotes, blogs, and articles which make you feel very positive…..for few hours at least.

You already know many concepts and I will tell you more, but the point is, even this information will be stored in a corner of your subconscious mind and you might never use it again.


I will not let my efforts and your time reading this go waste.

So, I decided to dedicate this article to help you understand how to adapt new habits, mindsets, philosophies or behavior that you feel is important for you and can lift your way of living.

For example, you read an article on ‘Optimism’. You like the concept but the other day you are again unhappy with your life. This might happen every time you read or get to know about something.

A study says ‘to improve your overall well-being, start new habits.’


Myth about will power and habits

Many times people give an excuse for lack of will power when they fail to achieve their target. But the fact is practicing to adapt simple habits by just being a little disciplined will increase your will power. This will power will help you to bring more new habits to your life and will thus strengthen itself.

New challenges and growth of will power go hand in hand. Just like you need a strong muscle to lift some weight and lifting more weight will strengthen your muscle.


The Magic

The most beautiful and magical part of forming a new habit is that you don’t only get the benefit of the habit but it will also boost your confidence level, reduce your fear of taking new challenges and trigger the effects of similar habits. You will understand, respect and help people who will be struggling for the same. You will understand the world better. You will grow.

Here are few ways you can adapt to new habits


Ways to adapt new habits    


  1. Love your life

Your life needs to know that you love it. In the race of achieving goals, we often forget notice what experiences are we collecting to remember at our last day of life. Every moment we live is an experience and these experiences have to have quality.

The behavior you decide to follow need not always be the one which contributes to your career or health. It can be as simple as start worrying less because worrying too much compromise happiness. 

When you know that you love something, it becomes very easy to make efforts for it.


  1. Identify and understand what is good for you

Not everyone has to be an optimist today. For someone, at their stage and situation of life may be a habit of a reading newspaper would be more important.

Identify what is important to you at this point in time.

Before you start to follow anything, understand how and why it is so important to you. Come up with that one reason for which it is worth walking miles.

Make realistic goals.


  1. Focus on one thing at a time

It happens when we are charged up we gather all the information to make ourselves better. It can be fitness related information or some personality development habits. We start to try everything at the same time and end up following nothing and thinking that it is impossible.

Start with taking small and single steps. Don’t read everything on the same day. Make priorities. Apply what you have learned and discovered to your life and then start to learn new things. Knowledge without its application is of no value. Don’t move ahead till you completely start to follow the first step.

When you will achieve the first step, you will become more ready to quickly achieve the next ones.


  1. Do not fix a time

 Many people recommend scheduling a time for your new target. But I suggest practicing it the maximum time you can during the day; initially at least.

You sometimes fear and doubt yourself when it comes to adapting a new habit. Practicing it more and more will make you comfortable with it soon. This will keep you from cheating and running away from your target.


  1. Stay motivated

There is a theory called ‘Fantasy Realization’. It says that you must fantasies about your goals on regular basis. You should think about all the amazing consequences of achieving it, but, you should also think about the negative things you will have to deal with; like sacrificing with friends.

By considering both you will make your fantasy more realistic and attainable. It will also help you to plan exactly which steps you need to take to get there.

Staying motivated all the time is not possible. If you ever feel that it is getting too much or you are not doing well or if you have doubts, just take a one day break, do whatever that makes you happy. Also remember, taking a long break will make it more difficult to come back.

After the break, you will be like a system recently formatted. Start fresh and remind yourself why you started. Never even think of an option to quit.


  1. Find a company

Finding a company or sharing a thought with others and talking about it will create an environment which will help your habit to sustain. You will come up with better ideas to improve ways to achieve your habit.

You may also run a competition or challenge to complete a target with your newly aspired habit. This will make your new venture more interesting and enthusiastic.

Surrounding yourself with people who have some connection to your habit is sure to push you forward.


  1. Analyze your progress after few days

It is essential to analyze your progress from time to time. You simply need to check how well you have performed and how could you have done better. Writing them down is highly recommended. Include the improvements you found in the analysis in your further journey.

Also, do not forget to reward yourself.


How much time will it take to adopt a new habit?

Time taken to adopt a new habit depends on what the habit is and the type of person you are. It may take as less as 21 days to as much as eight months.

Regardless of time, your job is to keep working on it and improve yourself as a person.



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  1. pooja patidar
    July 20, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    Thanks for the information , i will really like to change my life n myself from such timeless world

    • Shailna Patidar
      July 21, 2017 at 4:35 pm

      Thank You Pooja!

  2. August 14, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    Thank you for this article.
    You have shared a great deal of useful information.
    thank you

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